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[rubs my sweaty hands on my lap] so … trans alpha irene …?


yet another A Study in Pink and His Last Vow parallel


221B Baker St.




As I was  browsing through screen caps of the Sign of Three I noticed something:

Remember Sherlock at Barts when he wanted Molly to calculate his and John’s optimal alcohol intake? He handed her this medical file of John where he had placed John’s head to the body of da Vinci’s Vitruvian man.


Here’s Molly’s reaction to that:


Now, I’d love to write an insightful meta on Sherlock’s coming out to Molly in this scene, how this affects the both of them and how maybe, this moment was the decisive one that pushed Molly to miscalculate not quite so in-deliberately, maybe as a little FU gesture, or as a push to get the pair of them together,  but alas, I’m not a writer. (Also pictures speak louder than any words on my flawed English:)


Look, rainbows, rainbows everywhere! If you quite didn’t get it already, Molly had a literal light bulb moment of realisation:


If Molly hadn’t been sure before, now she finally was: it was never going to happen between her and Sherlock. He’d just come out to her, and she wasn’t a John Watson. Might as well speed things up with a little alcohol.

Molly Hooper’s Big Flippin’ Gay Epiphany


Freshen up…


Freshen up…



this is my reaction gif for all things 

I GOT MY JOHN WATSON POSTER TODAY!! It’s big and glorious. Gonna wait till I get it framed before putting it on my wall, tho’.





Nymphjohn decorating Fawnlock’s antlers. With leaves and berries and feathers and flowers.


fawnlock covering nymphjohn in kisses and scenting him deeply and appreciatively to say thank you uwu

Ohhh scenting


I bet nymphjohn smells like fresh flowers and morning dew and fawnlock can’t get enough of it he just loves scenting nymphjohn all over ♡

The two weeks during which Sherlock S3 came out were crazy, huh?


how he do that?

Let’s not forget when Tom was talking about the “meat dagger,” Molly was telling him to sit his ass down and hush up, but then when Greg was coming up with an almost equally dumb theory, Molly was like just sitting next to him with a little smile on her face because of how endearing he was in his sincerity

Molly/Greg is gonna be canon, y’all