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“We’re going to try to take it somewhere we’ve never been before — and I don’t mean outer space. It will be challenging place to go. We always start with a re-introduction that builds toward a darker climax — we might just be going darker from the outset. We got a very, very good set of ideas.”

― Mark Gatiss at the Emmy’s on how Sherlock Season 4 will go. (x)


imagine john sucking on sherlock’s nipples for so long they become dark pink and puffy and then john blows cold air over them and sherlock gasps because they’re normally sensitive but now they’re almost unbearable and he loves it


"neither of us were the first you know"







Reading is boring, peeking at John is so much more absorbing~
Commission for my darling Paula ! ♥♥♥


Reading is boring, peeking at John is so much more absorbing~

Commission for my darling Paula ! ♥♥♥


[Full Size] 1940s Sailor!John for katzensprotte! Please full view for much more detail.

“There’s going to be some surprises for you, and for us, and for everybody. I think that’s what they’re really good at. But I think we just know to expect the unexpected now, but within the parameters of a world that we all sortof know and love quite well. Um, we know these characters pretty well now and we know the world they inhabit and uh…what’s been explained to me and Ben, and to Amanda Abbington, my missus who plays Mary, has been very, very exciting. And the plan that they’ve got for the sort of…the over-arching series us just…ah, it’s so exciting.”

― Martin Freeman (x)

Amanda is keeping Martin in place…


Amanda is keeping Martin in place…


how about that text post meme

“I thought ‘ah, very, very nice’ and then I went to sleep.”

― Martin Freeman on his Emmy win [x] (via deaded)


ok but please tell me we get to hear amanda do an american accent


Courtesy of Arwel Wyn Jones at Elementary Con.

Photos of Mary from the set dressing team from her CIA days.


no-johnlock thank you for conceding so gracefully on my previous post. i’d like to say i was being pretty antagonistic when i @’d you and i’m sorry. you don’t have to continue to debate me if you don’t want to but the point of tjlc is not that it is blatantly obvious upon first viewing, but overwhelmingly pointing in that direction once finally viewed through a certain frame. the dominant way that viewers have been expected to watch sherlock is through the frame that it is about two heterosexual friends solving crimes. this comes from the impulse given to us by society that assume people are straight by default (incidentally, this same impulse causes us to assume people are cis by default)

before series 3, i and most other shippers simply believed sherlock to contain a great deal of queerbaiting, or subtextual hints that main characters were queer without ever sealing the deal. sherlock saying “i know it’s fine” when john suggests that he’s into men in asip is an example of this. it’s gotten to the point, however, where it feels as though the amount of subtext is overwhelming. sure, on its own, perhaps sherlock leaving the wedding early isn’t exactly ironclad, but it’s also backed by nine episodes of material equally rife with subtext. most notably:

  • john saying “glad no one saw that. you, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool. people might talk.”
  • irene saying “well i am” (gay) and saying that despite this, she is attracted to sherlock, and john not having any response to this
  • kitty riley asking sherlock “you and john watson, just platonic? can i put you down for a ‘no’ there, as well?” and sherlock not answering
  • sherlock jumping off of a building in order to save john’s life
  • john reacting to sherlock’s critique of his appearance the same way molly reacted to sherlock’s critique of her appearance and using the exact same dialogue to justify the change (“it wasn’t working for me”), and sherlock in turn telling john that he “likes his doctors clean-shaven”
  • the elephant in the room
  • john touching sherlock’s knee during the stag night, john having madonna’s name, a gay icon, on his forehead during the stag night, sherlock having his hand around john’s back during the stag night, john muttering “i’m there if you want it” in his sleep during his stag night, sherlock falling face down, ass up on the carpet during the stag night (basically the entire stag night)
  • the visible devastation on john’s face when he sees that sherlock is proposing to janine
  • sherlock effectively restarting his own heart because he realizes that “john watson is definitely in danger”
  • sherlock saying “there’s something that i’ve wanted to say, that i’ve meant to say, always, but never have” despite having told him during his best man speech that he loves him and believes him to be the best man he’s ever known

for my own part, i do not care about people who do not ship johnlock or agree with it being canon. i am enjoying my life and my analyses and i do not care if people think i’m trash for it. johnlock is not necessarily readily obvious to the casual viewer - my mother still hasn’t got the faintest clue, for example - but absolutely obvious once it is looked at through a lens that does not assume its characters to be heterosexual by default.

i understand (and you can correct me if i’m wrong) that you believe sherlock to be asexual and respect the friendship that john and sherlock share. this is fine, but i think that my side of fandom has good reason to see things differently— in addition to the face down/ass up landing really just… wow, i think the “sex doesn’t alarm me”/”how would you know?” exchange in scandal is a very good argument for sherlock being a sexual person: if sherlock truly didn’t give a shit about sex, i don’t think he would have looked so taken aback by mycroft’s comment. not to say that it’s not possible for sherlock to be an “iceman” himself, and that his “just transport” assertions are 100% honest, but there’s evidence in the show for either reading, and i personally think sherlock has subverted his sexuality in favor of focusing on the work and is, as moffat has said, “bursting.” 

as for the delicate and respectful treatment that many seem to think the male friendship deserves, i have addressed why i find this argument frustrating here. it’s chill if the friendship is special to you, but their romance is special to me.


Sherlock in the post drug den scene at Bart’s like ‘yeah actually John let’s talk about why you’re cycling to work, aka how unhappy you are in your married life’, and when John tries to stop that convo in its tracks Wiggins jumps in with ‘I’m interested’, which is when Mary conveniently hurts him by accident like. what a scene, and also, jesus you guys should never be separated, it’s just such bad news for everyone involved.