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It's gotten to the point that I can't really move on with my life unless Johnlock happens???


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Benedict Cumberbatch at San Diego Comic Con.




The Mycroft & John had a plan to take Mary down and Sherlock was being kept in the dark for his own safety theory is my aesthetic 

#this would explain why the interactions between john and sherlock seemed so authentic #and why the killing of magnussen and subsequent consequences for sherlock seemed so authentically unexpected by everyone #OH GOD AND THE PAIN OF KNOWING THAT (IF THIS IS CORRECT) JOHN NEVER MEANT FOR MARY TO BE PROTECTED AND BECAUSE HE DIDN’T PROPERLY UNDERSTAND SHERLOCK’S LOVE FOR HIM DIDN’T PROPERLY PREPARE FOR WHAT SHERLOCK WOULD DO #and that fits like… literally… exactly in with john’s physical/facial reactions to sherlock killing magnussen #so this happened really because john underestimated sherlock’s love for him #which is a perfect setup for the 3 garridebs moment when john finally does understand

#also the fact that s3 was from sherlock’s pov instead of the usual john pov #it would be AMAZING because we would have been in the dark because SHERLOCK was in the dark #and he’s our unreliable gay baby narrator


[NSFW: Full Size] Request for S/J watersports, from my most favourite Paula in the world, bennyslegs. Please abide the warnings!


The Mycroft & John had a plan to take Mary down and Sherlock was being kept in the dark for his own safety theory is my aesthetic 

am i the current king of england?
am i the current king of england?


So I’m going through frames looking for good pictures of Mary smiling and suddenly…


I'd like to believe that Mary is faking the pregnancy (mainly because I could see John still keeping it if it wasn't his out of some misplaced sense of duty and I want that baby gone) but. How do you even fake a pregnancy


it’s a lot easier when your husband literally doesn’t even SEE you for like the entire time you’d be displaying any physical evidence of pregnancy, for a start, and then literally the moment he does see you again, the evil guy you are being theorized as in cahoots with shows back up, which would ostensibly be a prelude to the realization of whatever nefarious plans you were faking the pregnancy in furtherance of in the first place

as for covering all the details (ultrasound etc.), that shit would be nothing to moriarty


from where i’m sitting the only two options are a) mary is a deeply morally grey, incredibly flawed person who has done terrible things but genuinely loves john yet is… somehow… also pregnant with someone else’s child (because this mary wouldn’t be evil or triangulating enough - or have the motivation - to fake a pregnancy, but i also feel quite confident at this point that they would never allow any child of john’s to be killed OR to live), or b) mary is truly entirely morally bankrupt and evil, is in cahoots with moriarty, all of this has been a ruse, and the baby doesn’t exist

the first option would require WAY more explanation to address logical and motivational inconsistencies

pretty sure it’s the second, and also pretty sure post-appledore scene in hlv, both sherlock AND john had way more information than we were ever let on to


I literally can’t stop thinking about John saying “you could” during the phone call in TRF because this is the saddest sentence of the whole fucking show like John obviously knows everything is going to shit, he knows something is deeply wrong, even though he doesn’t really know what’s going to happen, but John being John probably has this gut feeling, and the only thing he can’t think of is telling Sherlock that he’s amazing in the simplest way he can and that’s saying “you could” which seems so simple but actually contains everything that makes John John, his trust in Sherlock, his unwavering faith, and it’s so calm and simple stated and soft, because John is so soft when it comes to Sherlock, he says it because he knows it, and the only thing he can think about in this moment is telling Sherlock that he always was and always will be unique and extraordinary and that John believes in this and in him. 


Friendly reminder that when Sherlock wrote this: 


he was days away from this: 


Queer struggles at midlife: so relevant to this current fandom conflict.


 I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but hesitating to post because I do not want to be seen as overgeneralizing or being condescending, or telling a story that may not be mine to tell or inserting the opinion of a het woman into a queer discussion space.

I think, though, I have a bit of a window on why some people in the fandom are behaving the way they are.

Because I’ve seen it before, I’m seeing it right now, played out in real life.

My older sister, whom I adore, is a semi-prominent lesbian activist and author. She has been active in the NYC LGBTQ community since the early eighties. She is now, like me, on the far side of forty.

Over the past ten years, I’ve seen the bitterness and jealousy and frustration grow and fester in more than a few of my sister’s friends and associates. And in my sister, too, sorry to say.

(Not all, I hasten to add. Some. But not all, not by far.)

They’ve endured twenty, thirty, sometimes forty years of activism, of struggle, of dedication to a cause greater than themselves. And today, in so many ways, their dreams are on the brink of being realized. The world today for the queer community is almost unbelievably different than it was even a decade ago. Young people (in the US and Western Europe) have a freedom to openly live their sexual orientation to a degree almost incomprehensible to folks coming up in the seventies and eighties.

(Not that it’s easy. I do not mean that. And the dreams of freedom and open acceptance are still just out of reach. But in comparison to twenty years ago? Night and day, or at least night and the first streaks of dawn.)

But what does a person do when the cause you’ve spent your whole life fighting for is won? What do you do when success leaves you feeling irrelevant? What do you do when you feel like your hard work is unappreciated by the new generation, who enjoy freedom you never knew because of your hard work and they don’t even fully realize what you’ve done for them?

It’s an eternal question for the veterans of any battlefield: What do you do when the new world you’ve worked so hard to help create may no longer have a place for you?

Some people deal with these shifts with grace and wisdom, and are able to adapt to the changing times, grow into new roles as mentors and confidantes and tellers of history.

Some people, however, are not.

Some people become bitter, inflexible, feel ill-used and unappreciated. Some look down on younger people, sneer at them for not being “true enough”—in this case, deride them as not being as authentically queer enough. They decide they are the keepers and defenders of the true cause in order to cling to relevance.

I’ve seen it. I see it, in the sneering condescension I’ve heard directed at “baby dykes”, at the ridiculous and arbitrary litmus tests of who is authentically queer enough to count, in the older guard’s unfortunate tendency to deride and reject bi- and pansexual identites.

(And I haven’t even touched on trans issues. The problem of transphobia in the gay community is well documented elsewhere, and way too deep and complex to address in this limited space.)

I’ve seen queer activists at midlife struggle to find meaning and focus in their lives now that their time at the center of the struggle is almost past. I’ve seen my sister become utterly disillusioned about her firmly-held notion of the emotional superiority of lesbian relationships as she burned through two marriages and go on to  earn the dubious distinction of filing for one of the first gay divorces in her state.

(side note: disillusionment about relationships, and humanity in general, is a hallmark of one’s late forties. Not reserved for any stripe of sexual orientation.)

I’ve seen good people, people I love and care about, struggle desperately to figure out where they fit in this brave new world.

I’ve seen people allow this kind of unhappiness and resentment poison their entire lives. It paralyses them, makes them unable to move to a place of greater compassion and wisdom.

This ridiculous and unfortunate conflict over TJLC is, in my opinion, more of the same. It’s borne out of a resentment over the idea possible representation that feels (not is, but feels) too mainstream, too accessible, too ‘easy’ should not ‘count’ as authentic, an idea that something that is fun and accessible isn’t as real  as struggle and tears and anguish are.

I think, in short, it’s a kind of tragic, misguided resentment over people enjoying themselves, having fun without the ‘appropriate’ gravitas. Maybe it feels like disrespect to their lifetime of hard work.

I can understand and empathise with that. I think it’s terribly misguided and destructive and flat out wrong, but I do understand.

It’s a terribly toxic worldview in the end, though, and it unnecessarily tears people apart who should be standing side by side.

I don’t have any kind of answers. Wish I did. But empathy and compassion are a crucial place to start.