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When are Richard III theatre tickets going on sale? I signed up for info via email on their website but they haven’t sent anything yet, and that was two weeks ago even when they said they’d begin selling tickets 7-10 days after the announcement, what the heck ;__; 


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it IS unfortunate that the only glimpse those of us dying in a desert of martin freeman thirst have gotten of any part of him above his elbows, knees, and neck in literally years is as his character tries to clean up the bloody domestic murder scene he just created


he didn’t even have his shirt off he just had no sleeves and there was a thirst explosion we are like victorian

“So yeah, I’m kind of interested in what people say and what they mean. It’s interesting to play because that’s immediate conflict. That’s drama. If everyone’s just saying what they feel and doing whatever they want, there’s no drama in the world.”

Martin Freeman (x)

interesting in the context of his other roles

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reasons for shirtless john in s4

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Aw Heck Indeed

Martin in that undershirt though


still alive but barely breathing

Just watched FX Fargo… Martin was amazing… his bare arms look amazing… he’s really fit… I’m, I’m so tHIRSTY……….

“I do vocal warmups all morning. Martin has started to do them as well, even in scenes when he doesn’t say anything. He might be taking the piss.”

Benedict Cumberbatch. Getting prepared for sherlock. Ozcon

"It’s a lot of syllables, I like the name Benedict. I went to school with someone called Cumberbatch. So I was kinda- quite familiar with it. Some people really have a problem saying it. Some Americans think it’s like an aliens name. I use it sometimes as a vocal warm up. Benedictcumberbatch benedictcumberbatch.”

- Martin Freeman (via @ about the 2hr 20min mark)


Martin Freeman at The Olivier Awards.

Your face, sir.


Martin @ Laurence Olivier awards 

Mark Gatiss and Martin Freeman, at the Olivier Awards — April 13, 2014


i laugh every time martin is like “everyone thinks i’m like the super nice everyman but if they knew what i was really like they wouldn’t want to have a beer with me” because i’m like no like i think i have a fairly accurate idea of what you are actually like and that’s exactly the kind of person i want to have a beer with