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Um. Shame on you for those kinks. Shame. *shakes finger sternly* You must write or link to what others have written in these categories to show you fully understand what you've done wrong. Yes. And... and... shame again, just to underscore the kink shaming. (Is that enough?)

Oh god yes. Just what I needed. Thank you, Random.

Recs? Boy have I got some for you!!!




Sherlock coming in his pants!



Sherlock loves sucking John’s cock (and vice versa)!


what do you think faunlock would do when john comes home inconsolable after a breakup or when harry got really bad drunk again


he’d probably smell John’s unhappiness before he even got through the door, his ears would pin down and he’d stop whatever he was doing.

he’d get John’s slippers and put them in front of his chair and turn on the telly and find the channel with the most pretty ladies on the screen (John lingers on those)

then he’d grab a couple of tea bags and dump them in a mug and pour semi-warm water in (he wouldn’t know to boil the kettle the whole way) and then awkwardly stand around and wait for John to come inside and notice his grand efforts to cheer him up and praise him for being such a good mate.

I imagine John would probably walk straight past everything and go into his room without noticing anything and fawnlock would pout and struggle with what to do next (humans are strange) but he’d creep into John’s room eventually and curl up around his feet at the bottom of the bed to let him know he was there even if he didn’t understand.

The morning after, John wakes up and looks down the bed to see Sherlock curled up and pressed to his feet. He’s still feeling a little down from yesterday, but seeing the other there with him makes it better. John gets up, careful not to wake the fawn, and goes downstairs. He finds that for some reason the television’s on in the living room at low volume and a cold, over-steeped cup of tea on the side table next to his chair. John furrows his brows and quirks a small smile as he realizes who’s responsible for it, then hears a noise and turns around.

Sherlock stands there quietly, flicking his ears with uncertainty. “John. O—John okay? Yes? Okay?” 

John’s smile widens, and he steps forward, bringing Sherlock into a gentle hug. “Um. Yeah. Yes, Sherlock, John’s okay. I’m okay. Thank you, sweetheart.”

Sherlock clings to him, nuzzling his face into John’s neck, sniffing and breathing in John’s always-comforting scent. Home.

Smutty smut WIP snippet under the cut that’s about half-way done (800+ words so far). This is the one where Sherlock makes John rim Sherlock.

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John being told to call Sherlock “Monsieur” while Sherlock orders him around in bed.

Jean. Sur le lit. Maintenant.

"Y—err, o-oui, Monsieur.

Et touche-moi, mon chéri. Bon garçon. ♥ ♥ ♥

Merci, Monsieur.


Fanfics where Sherlock can speak in different languages(✿◠‿◠) 

Fanfics where Sherlock can speak French (✿ ♥‿♥)

Fanfics where Sherlock slips into French when he’s having sex with John  ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

"John. J-John. Please, please, Jean!”

"Jesus. Jesus. Are you—”

Oh, Jean—mon dieu, Jean.”

"Uhn, Sherlock, what—"

Jean. S’il te plaît. Baise-moi plus fort!”

"Sh-Sherlock, Christ, I don’t—”

Et, hmm, et plus vite. S-S’il te pl—ah!”